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Welcome to Oxford Outcomes

Since being founded over 13 years ago, Oxford Outcomes has established a reputation for practical consultancy, problem-solving and methodological innovation. Through strategic mergers, appointments and partnerships we have built on our strong academic and professional links to become an international market leader in Health Economics, Epidemiology, PRO research and PRO translation.

In 2011, Oxford Outcomes continued its growth plan by merging with the global market leader in outsourced development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, ICON Plc.

Together with ICON, Oxford Outcomes offers a broader suite of services in Late Phase and Outcomes Research.

As a part of ICON, Oxford Outcomes is now able to operate globally from 77 locations in 39 countries, to deliver strategic expertise, and high-impact evidence that explores and demonstrates value in healthcare products in the American, European, Asia-Pacific and Emerging markets.